Sustainable Solid Air Insulation Solutions

Revolutionizing Insulation for a Sustainable Future!

- Lightweight, Flexible, Cost-Efficient: Experience the Future of Insulation with SA-Dynamics -

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Lightweight & Flexible

Our innovative insulation textiles are designed for adaptability, ensuring seamless integration with various applications – from buildings to apparel.

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Sustainable & Bio-based

We champion resource-saving construction with our biodegradable materials, ensuring a green footprint with every use.

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Animal-friendly Alternative

Say goodbye to down. We offer cruelty-free insulation options that prioritize both warmth and welfare.

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Zero Microplastic Emissions

Our textiles are constructed with the environment in mind, eliminating harmful microplastic emissions and safeguarding our planet.


SA-Dynamics process chain

The Team

Sascha Schriever


Dr.-Ing., M.Sc. Chemistry
6 years as Head of Division


Dr.-Ing., M.Sc. Chemistry
4 years R&D consulting
Maximilian Mohr


M.Sc. Aerospace Engineer
5 years high performance insulation material expertise
Christian Schwotzer


Dr.-Ing., M.Sc. Wirt.-Ing.
6 years as Head of Division